Energy Management Platform

Blaze’s Energy Management Platform allows the user to track energy consumption of devices across various locations. It enables the user to set budgets and compare the actual consumption vs the budgeted. This platform with the help of our versatile Raycon Energy Meter sheds light on various insights like solar self consumption, ROI, Genset analytics, KPIs for machinery etc.

Smart Plugs and In-Wall Relays allows the user to detect the power hungry devices, get rid of the unnecessary standby loads, avoid device failures through Preventive Maintenance, and so on by giving real-time alerts to users to take the necessary actions. This not only helps save money, but also ultimately leads to decarbonization and higher sustainability which reduces carbon footprint and is a step towards achieving carbon neutrality.


The Raycon Energy Meter reads your energy data with 99% accuracy through current sensors installed in your electrical panel. The energy meter has capabilities to track current, voltage, power, etc at a high frequency of 20 samples per second, which allows us to provide users with a multitude of features.

Key Features

Visualize Energy

The Raycon Energy Meter enables real-time visualization of energy via an easy graphical representation of data.

User friendly app gives you insights into real-time energy consumption and forecasts.

Energy Budgeting

Insight into where and how much energy is consumed enables optimizing this usage and achieving efficiency and saving money.

Set and monitor budgets for energy consumption. Know how much energy is saved in real-time.

Energy Consumption Timeline

Raycon stores historical energy values for Day, Week, Month. Year etc. which are graphically represented in the mobile app and the web dashboard. It also allows comparison between data for different days, week, month, year etc..

Monitor Solar Generation

Install Raycon and increase your solar efficiency and save money with real-time monitoring. Log into the Raycon mobile app and check when it's the peak production hours to turn on your highest energy consuming appliances.Get alerts instantly when there are faults, failures or abnormalities.

Net Metering

Track energy being exported and imported from the grid. Earn and track credits, if any, for energy generated and supplied to the grid. Get an understanding of the net energy consumption of your home over various periods of time.

Track Savings and ROI

Monitor your energy savings generated through solar. Realize and track your ROI on capital investment for your solar panels using the cost savings and maintenance charges from solar.

Battery Backup

Raycon helps track the usage of your battery backup. It also helps understand when the battery is charging/discharging and the percentage of battery charge.

Electric Vehicle

Raycon helps track the usage of your battery backup. It also helps understand when the battery is charging/discharging and the percentage of battery charge. Raycon also helps reduce cost by suggesting the user to charge the EV when the energy cost is low.


Monitor energy generation of your diesel generator using Raycon energy meter. Get insights into load factor, fuel efficiency and fuel consumption. Track runtime and idle time of your generator.

Plug Load Management

Using sockets, single and dual relays to monitor and control various critical devices in your home. Know which devices are consuming the most energy in your home through plug load management.

Energy Flow

Raycon helps you understand the flow of power between various energy sources available in your home. You can also track the energy that is being consumed and produced by each of the energy sources over various time periods.

Preventive Maintenance

Through the power of Machine Learning and Raycon AI engine stay notified in case of device malfunction or failures. Get alerts for any anomaly in device usage or functioning.

Machinery Monitoring

Raycon helps track the energy consumption, operational runtime and standby runtime of your machinery. Additionally Raycon also gives insights into various Key Performance Indicators(KPI) Like Energy efficiency, usage time, Quality, Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE), etc.

Application Areas


Raycon Energy Meter allows you to see where the most energy is being consumed and how much it's costing you in real-time. Raycon Energy mobile app gives you comprehensive Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports that are sent to your email directly.

Enterprises and Industries

Raycon enables enterprises and industries to achieve their energy saving and optimization goals. It IoTizes the traditional energy meters and delivers real-time data on energy consumption or production.