Occupancy Management

As businesses and employees return back to working from office, occupancy can vary wildly from day to day. Building owners and office management need to be more vigilant to ensure strict adherence to stipulated health and safety protocols and as such management is constantly challenged to manage the space as efficiently as possible. Our technology can help address all the Key considerations.

Blaze has developed an end-to-end solution for Desk Occupancy Management which effortlessly allows its users to detect occupancy and monitor utilization, allowing them to manage space more efficiently, see issues instantly and improve end-users’ experience.



Optimize space planning

Understand the actual usage of these flexible resources and identify opportunities for improvement or optimization. An organization would use all of its space for its intended purpose, be it meeting rooms, storage, labs, desks, or dining rooms. With our desk occupancy management solutions, it provides the accurate, real-time data that is needed to see if spaces can be used more effectively to reduce costs.


Live space availability

Occupancy data allows employees to showcase live space availability to improve their experience and increase productivity. Integrating live occupancy data with a desk or resource booking system provides a smooth and seamless experience.


Enable a safe return to the workplace

Help manage increased demands for workplace flexibility as employees re-engage in the workplace.

Equipped with a complete implementation methodology and a strong integration layer, the solution provides comprehensive services to increase employee satisfaction by reflecting occupancy usage patterns in cleaning schedules and enabling demand-based cleaning of flexible resources before they are made available to others.

Mobile App
  • Spot and book desk as needed.
  • Filter options by availability and location.
  • Checkout the details, resources, floor maps, and other related information for a specific space.
  • Use mobile or web application to book the space.
Web Access
  • Website Access centralizes desk capacity planning and management from a single application
  • The mobile app and website gives employees 24/7 access to desk occupancy data to help them find their favorite workspaces.
Monitor and optimize the real-time energy consumption
  • Gather approximate information about the seating, standing and desk occupancy in your workplace
  • Make informed decisions based on detailed reports and analytics.
  • Monitor your space with maximum efficiency with real-time occupancy of every desk on your floor or co-working space.
  • Measure the floor occupancy wisely to understand whether you need to reduce or reuse the space.
  • In addition to providing real-time information about workstation usage, to make it easy to extract reliable statistics on minimum, average and maximum workstation usage, including information on when these spikes occur.


No Wasted Space

The main benefit of desktop management is ensuring that space is used optimally throughout your facility.

Space Utilization

Occupancy management solutions provide valuable insight into which spaces on your property are rarely occupied and which are often heavily engaged. With this information, you can intelligently assign spaces to teams or departments so nothing goes to waste.



Desk Occupancy Detector

Our desk occupancy sensors are motion detection devices that use infrared and PIR technologies to detect occupancy. Sensors collect data at each endpoint, transmit the data to a gateway, which then transmits it over the internet to the cloud-based . Our cloud-based tools provide data aggregation, analysis and reporting to gain insights into space usage.


Power box

Power box is an advanced device that consists of the following ports: USB and RS485. It detects the amount of energy used when devices are connected to it.

Energy efficiency and management

Continuous monitoring lets you track usage remotely and spot changes immediately, allowing you to take proactive action.

Real-time energy monitoring

Our power box monitors real time energy consumption at connected locations and gives you an exact figure of energy usage.

Auto turning ON and OFF

This is a special feature of our device that detects the presence or absence of a person using Desk Occupancy Sensor and turns ON/OFF the devices that are connected to the Power Box based on the usage of the desks.


Smart Display

When it comes to features, Smart Display outpaces all the devices. As this device is connected to the Power Box it uses different colors to display the status of the desk in real time and displays the live power status.

Purple color specifies the desk is not in use.

Blue color indicates the desk is already booked by someone.

Red color specifies the desk has been used and needs to be cleaned.

Yellow color indicates in a meeting and away but is still using the desk.

Orange color indicates the desk is already in use.

Green color indicates the disk is available to book.